A Q&A with a Pulse Nursing at Home Paediatric Nurse

Sunday, May 12, 2019

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we couldn’t be prouder of the excellent care and support our team provides. We know that the initial change from a hospital setting to a community role can be daunting, but so many of our team have never looked back after taking the plunge.

We caught up with Anette, one of our fantastic paediatric nurses, to find out what it is like working with Pulse Nursing at Home and what she enjoys most about life as nurse in the working in the community.

Why did you join Pulse Nursing at Home?

I became part of the Pulse Nursing at Home team as a paediatric nurse in a new home care package, caring for a young child. The flexibility of the role really appealed to me as I was looking for a better work-life balance after working in demanding emergency departments. During my time at Pulse Nursing at Home, I have been lucky enough to work with amazing children across two separate care packages, choosing to work anything from two to 14 shifts a month, depending on my schedule.

How was the registration process with Pulse Nursing at Home?

My assigned dedicated consultant was fantastic from start to finish and arranged for me to meet my client and their family before beginning my role; I knew immediately I’d like to work with them. The process was speedy and efficient, reassuring me that Pulse Nursing at Home are thorough in their compliance checks, and I started working with the family not long after.

What do you enjoy most about working in the community?

I have previously worked in various paediatric emergency departments and, though I enjoyed it, the environment can be busy and mentally demanding, so I really enjoy the one-on-one nursing care and quieter shifts that Pulse Nursing at Home offers.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the families of my clients and becoming a part of their lives. I appreciate the fact that I’m still able to practice my clinical skills whilst only having one patient to care for; this makes shifts more enjoyable and less pressurised. There is so much variety to my role. I take the children to school and have joined the family as a nurse on overseas holidays. I’ve taken one of my clients to see her mum running in the London marathon and accompanied the family to London Zoo. It’s amazing to think I’m paid to do these things!

What support is available to you as a nurse with Pulse Nursing at Home?

Each of my care packages undergo three-monthly appraisals. These meetings ensure everyone is happy with the way the package is going and provide an opportunity to voice any concerns regarding areas such as workload, environment and training. Pulse Nursing at Home has always been fully supportive, and any issues have been quickly and efficiently dealt with. During one overseas holiday, my client was taken ill and admitted to hospital. The Pulse Nursing at Home clinical team were in constant contact with me during this time, both via email and phone, providing as much support and advice as possible given the distance.

What would you say to a nurse who is considering working as a nurse in the community?

Pulse Nursing at Home is approachable, flexible and friendly. Rosters are issued well in advance, making it easy to make plans around work. They’re also very understanding of any long breaks I’ve taken to go home and visit my family. I’m always welcomed back and have shifts booked in before returning to London, happily working as many shifts as I request. You are fully supported in your role both clinically and personally. Absolutely go for it – I have never looked back!

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse or support worker with Pulse Nursing at Home, register here and our team will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your requirements.