Five myths about community nursing: busted.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

As we’ve seen with the recent controversy around Jessica Anderson’s recent world record, there are a lot of misconceptions about nurses and the nursing industry. While Guinness World Records initially thought otherwise, nurses know that you don’t need to be wearing a pinafore and cap to do a fantastic job! 

However, even in the nursing industry, there are still myths surrounding community nursing in particular. With a team of hundreds of nurses providing care in individuals’ own homes, we’ve taken a look at the top five misconceptions about nursing in the community.

“I’ll have no support”

In a hospital environment, you have a team of nurses and doctors around you all the time so if you have a question about a patient you’ve always got someone to bounce ideas off of. It may seem like you’d lose that support when you go into a community setting, but this is certainly not the case. While you have more autonomy working as a nurse in the community, you are definitely not alone. At Pulse Nursing at Home we offer all of our nurses 24/7 clinical support – this means there’s always someone at the end of the phone ready to help. Our team of regional clinical leads also operate in the community, visiting clients with our nurses to provide support and training. 

“I won’t learn anything new”

Speaking of training, some people believe you won’t learn anything new working in the community, but they couldn’t be more wrong! At Pulse Nursing at Home, we work with individuals with the most complex of care needs in their own home. As needs change, you will be constantly learning and adapting to ensure the highest-quality of care is provided. Additionally, being able to provide the close one-to-one care that community nursing facilitates means you can take the time to develop your skills more thoroughly.

“It’s an easy job”

Now this is one that all of our nurses know isn’t true! No nursing job easy and working in the community is no different. Community nurses still need the same qualifications, clinical skills, compassion and strength of character that all nurses require. In fact, providing care in an individual’s own home needs more confidence, autonomy and adaptability than you would might think. However, all of our nurses agree that the relationships you build and the impact our team makes on our clients’ lives is deeply rewarding and worth the hard work! 

“It’s lonely”

While there are certainly less people running around you than you’d find in a hospital, community nursing is by no means lonely! In addition to the support from the wider Pulse Nursing at Home team, our nurses build real relationships with our clients and their families. Providing the regular care needed in a person’s own home helps to build much closer connection with clients. Additionally, many of our nurses are an integral part of the household’s daily activities, helping to arrange and facilitate days out and even holidays. 

“There is no demand for community nurses”

Now this one, we know for sure isn’t true! We are always looking for compassionate, caring nurses to join us!  Providing a wide range of care, from paediatrics to post-operative, to individuals across the country, Pulse Nursing at Home’s team of nurses and support workers is ever-growing.

If you’re thinking about making the move to community nursing, take a look at our latest vacancies here.