Is nursing in the community for you?

Monday, August 12, 2019

Nursing in the community can be a great career option for those looking for increased flexibility and a change of environment from a hectic hospital setting. Research shows we are happier and more fulfilled when working within jobs that align with our values and priorities, whether this is spending more time with patients, having more autonomy or opportunities for progression. So, we’ve designed this short quiz to help you decide whether a nursing career in the community is for you.


1. Which statement best applies to you when considering flexibility within your healthcare role?

a.) I have a busy lifestyle and my schedule can often be hectic, I would really enjoy being able to work flexibly to fit around my commitments.

b.) Flexibility is key for me as I have to juggle working around my studies and training I am currently undertaking.

c.) I am well organised, but the demands of my current role and my responsibilities outside of this can often be difficult to balance. I would appreciate being able to choose the hours that I work to help with this.


2. How would you best describe the level of clinical support you like to receive?

a.) I enjoy feeling fully supported in my role both clinically and professionally. Having clinical support 24/7 is something that would really reassure me, especially if working outside of a hospital setting.

b.) Being a less experienced nurse, it is important for me to feel I am receiving support and can ask for help or assistance whenever I require it.  

c.) Feeling supported in my role and having clinical backup is important to me, but the prospect of being able to provide additional support to others using my clinical expertise is something I would really enjoy.


3. How much importance do you place on the provision of training and development within your healthcare role?

a.) I am keen to develop my clinical skills, so would really enjoy undertaking further training and I would definitely benefit from support with revalidation.

b.) I am currently undertaking training and/or completing my studies. Once I have gained my qualifications I am very much looking forward to a role that allows me to continue my professional development.            

c.) I love expanding my skills as a nurse and would really enjoy contributing to the training and development of other nurses and healthcare workers.


4. What’s a perfect day at work like?

a.) I enjoy an active, hands-on role with lots of variety where I care for people from all different walks of life.

b.) I am still figuring out exactly which direction I want my nursing career to take. But I know I definitely don’t want to be bored, and the opportunity to work in a variety of locations with the possibility of travel really appeals to me.

c.) I enjoy a wide variety of challenges and my clinical experience has given me the skills to be versatile in handling a diversity of situations on a day-to-day basis.


5. Which statement best describes your personality?

a.) I’m hard working, compassionate and calm under pressure. I like to see my clients progress and really enjoy getting to know them.

b.) I’m passionate about making a difference to clients and am eager to learn and develop my nursing career.

c.) I am a strong leader, with good planning skills and have plenty of clinical experience.


Mostly As – Great news! You are a nurse who is made to work in a community setting. From being able to work flexibly to benefitting from 24/7 clinical support – nursing outside of a hospital setting offers so many benefits that are perfectly suited to your preferred ways of working and your busy lifestyle.  

Mostly Bs – It sounds like nursing in the community would be a great option for you after you have gained further post-graduation clinical experience. Nursing in the community offers some unexpected exciting opportunities, such as the opportunity to work in a variety of locations, even internationally! Plus, working within a community setting gives you the opportunity to develop expertise that a hospital-based nurse may not typically have exposure to.

Mostly Cs – Your responses indicate you’d be a great fit for a nursing role within the community within a leadership or management capacity. Registered nurses working within the community are often key to developing the skills of healthcare support staff on a variety of subjects, both clinical and developmental. There is very little that is more rewarding than seeing those around you learn and progress from your mentorship!


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