Paediatric care

Paediatric care can be difficult for all involved, and families naturally want the best possible care for the child involved. Our nurses and carers work closely with the children in their care, their families and all community or hospital teams involved to ensure safe and sensitive support for as long as needed. 

The Pulse Nursing at Home team has extensive experience in a range of paediatric disciplines. These include:

Educational support

Our team helps ensure that children with even the most complex care needs can access the education they deserve. Our paediatric nurses help make school a safe and happy environment, whether it’s simply an escort to and from school or continuous support throughout the school day. The specialist support our team provides is invaluable to the children we care for and their families and makes a real difference in their lives.

Complex care

With vast experience in working alongside children with complex care needs, including brain and spine injuries and physical disabilities, our compassionate paediatric nurses are highly skilled in meeting their needs, from supporting with general daily activities to assisting families to take their children on holiday.

Palliative care

Understanding the compassionate care needed at this difficult time, our supportive nursing staff work alongside family members and any community and hospital-based health teams to deliver sensitive, considered support.  

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