International Nurses Day 2022

By Emma Woods on 12/05/22
Tagged in nurses

Today is International Nurse Day. An annual campaign that is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge and pay tribute to nurses across the world and the contributions they make every day. In today’s article, we discuss the theme for International Nurses Day, its history and how we are supporting the campaign this year.

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World Autism Acceptance Week

By Emma Woods on 25/03/22
Tagged in charity

From the 28th of March to the 3rd of April, we will be celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week, previously known as World Autism Awareness Week. The campaign hopes to raise awareness and focus on the 700,000 people living with autism in the UK. To support World Autism Acceptance Week, we have created an article about the campaign, its history and how you can get involved and show your support.

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Rational Detachment: shutting off after a shift

By Emma Woods on 21/03/22

Providing care can be incredibly rewarding but stressful at times. The caring profession has been under pressure like never before, with COVID-19 and the additional PPE/infection control requirements. The environment we live in has been anxiety-inducing and worrying for healthcare professionals. Switching off from a difficult and emotional shift can be hard. In today’s article , Clinical Service Lead, Nikki, shares her top tips on how to rationally detach after a shift.

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A guide to practising mindfulness for healthcare professionals

By Emma Woods on 15/03/22
Tagged in wellbeing

Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you focus on being aware of your senses, thoughts and being present at the moment without being interrupted or judged. Knowing what mindfulness is and how to practise it is something not many healthcare professionals know about. That’s why we’ve created our very own practising mindfulness guide.

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International Women's Day 2022

By Emma Woods on 07/03/22

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day. A global celebration that acknowledges the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women throughout history. Today also marks a call to action for accelerating the equality of women. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. The International Women’s Day organisation wants to create a gender-equal world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination.

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