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The role of an adult nurse is to deliver care to clients with a range of complex conditions and support them in their recovery or managing their condition. Working as a community adult nurse at Pulse Nursing at Home means your role can change regularly depending on the clients you deliver care to, their current medical requirements and their emotional needs.

However, the purpose of your role will always be to improve the quality of care they receive and support them in living a stable and gratifying life in the community.


What are the responsibilities of an adult nurse?

The responsibilities of an adult nurse can include carrying out routine care procedures such as administering medication, taking blood pressure and temperatures, to writing care plans and dealing with emergencies. Working as an adult nurse at Pulse Nursing at Home, you can expect to be responsible for:

  • Supporting the client’s nutrition, general health and wellbeing
  • Monitoring the client's breathing and airways (which can include tracheostomy management and invasive or non-invasive ventilation management and care)
  • Maintaining client records and care plans
  • Conducting physiotherapy, personal care, elimination management and safety checks on equipment
  • Ensuring regular communication is taking place with the client, their family and your colleagues
  • Reporting to our clinical leads and providing updates on the client and their care


Key skills and qualities of adult nurses

Just like any role, there's certain skills and qualities to obtain that can help you excel in your adult nursing career and develop personally and professionally.

Interpersonal skills, observation skills and organisational skills are a few key skills adult nurses should possess to support them in their role.

As for qualities, being resilient, compassionate and demonstrating you can lead your team can support you in your adult nursing career and enable you to become a model community nurse.

If you’re looking to develop yourself further, the Royal College of Nursing has some excellent personal development resources for nurses.


What to expect working as an adult nurse?

A career in adult nursing is very dynamic and empowering. Being an adult nurse allows you to improve the quality of life for people and make a real difference. During your adult nursing career, you will meet a range of people from different backgrounds and ages. You will most certainly hear some interesting stories and build strong meaningful relationships with your clients and colleagues that you will remember for the rest of your nursing career.


Community nurse roles with Pulse Nursing at Home

We’re always looking to grow our team of compassionate adult nurses and paediatric nurses at Pulse Nursing at Home. If you would like to join our team of healthcare professionals, then register with us using the form below, or contact our team on 0333 323 3746 or joinus@pulsenursingathome.co.uk


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