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Our favourite healthcare books for children

By Emma Woods on 04/03/21

Today we are celebrating World Book Day. The theme for this year is ‘Share a story'. We wanted to share with you our favourite healthcare books for children to read

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A day in the life of a paediatric clinical lead

By Emma Woods on 24/02/21

Our clinical leads play a vital role in our business. They are responsible for overseeing our clients care, ensuring they have the best quality of life. We've spoken with one of our paediatric clinical leads to find out more about her role and what a typical working day looks like.

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Top tips for successful communication while wearing PPE

By Emma Woods on 04/02/21

In our latest blog, Nurse Manager, Nikki Goulding, shares her top tips for achieving successful communication with clients and their loved ones whilst wearing PPE.

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Mental wellbeing tips for nurses and support workers

By Emma Woods on 13/08/20
Tagged in mental health

Mental health is so important. Sadly, it's something that we can get neglect without even realising. As nurses and support workers spend most of their time caring for others, they often forget to take care of themselves as well. In our latest blog, one of our fantastic Resourcers, Rebkha Clark, shares her top mental health care tips for nurses and support workers.

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Healthy work-life balance: Caring for yourself and others

By Emma Woods on 21/07/20
Tagged in mental health

Achieving a healthy work-life balance almost seems impossible for nurses. Having to manage your work and personal life can be very difficult at times. In our latest blog, one of our Clinical Nurse Managers, Gemma Fenney, shares her best tips for achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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