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What is a community support worker?

By Emma Woods on 26/06/23
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Community support workers deliver emotional, social and physical care to clients, ensuring they receive a tailored service that meets their medical and wellbeing needs. Naturally, they are committed and caring individuals who display many skills and qualities in the care they provide. Read our blog to learn more about community support workers and the important role they play in community care.

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The role and responsibilities of a support worker

By Emma Woods on 22/05/23
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Support workers play an important role in the care adults and children receive in the community, hospitals and other care settings. They are responsible for delivering bespoke care and support to clients whilst building strong professional relationships with the individuals receiving care, ensuring their medical and wellbeing needs remain at the forefront.

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6 important skills and qualities of a good support worker

By Emma Woods on 23/03/23
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As a support worker you will already have an array of skills and qualities you’ve gained during your career. You may have built up a strong set of transferable skills from your education, previous roles, and your wider life experiences. But what are the essential skills and qualities needed to help you progress further in your career and grow as a support worker?

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Support worker CV example and 10 writing tips

By Emma Woods on 23/02/23

Support workers play an important role in caring for people who need help to live independent lives. Working as a support worker can be a hugely rewarding career, allowing you to make a positive difference to someone’s life every day.

Whether you already have care experience or you’re just starting your career, a well-written support worker CV can demonstrate your passion and potential for helping vulnerable people to live fulfilling lives.

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5 common support worker interview questions and how to answer them

By Emma Woods on 30/01/23

As a support worker, you have a vast range of experience and interpersonal skills to support individuals who require bespoke care, but which skills and achievements do you focus on in your upcoming support worker interview?

To help you prepare, here are some tips from our expert Recruitment Resourcing Team and a list of the top 5 interview questions to expect and how to answer them.

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