The role and responsibilities of a support worker

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Support workers play an important role in the care adults and children receive in the community, hospitals and other care settings. They are responsible for delivering bespoke care and support to clients whilst building strong professional relationships with the individuals receiving care, ensuring their medical and wellbeing needs remain at the forefront.


What is a support worker? 

A support worker, also known as a healthcare assistant (HCA) or carer, is a healthcare professional who supports clients with their medical, personal, wellbeing and general needs. This can include administering medication, supporting with personal care, teaching or helping the client to cook and clean and simply being there to listen and talk whenever they need it.


The role of a support worker

At Pulse Nursing at Home the role of a support worker is often very varied and that’s one of the many things people love about the job. Our support workers are advocates for our clients care and responsible for ensuring the client remains safe and stable in their local community.

In your support worker role, you will use your skills, qualities and expertise to help clients live a safe and independent life tailored to their needs. It’s important to note that dependent on the individual you’re caring for can determine your support worker role and daily responsibilities.


What is a support worker’s responsibilities?

Depending on the care setting you work in can determine your daily responsibilities. Working as a community support worker at Pulse Nursing at Home, you can expect to have a variety of responsibilities which includes:

  • Enabling our clients to achieve their goals
  • Monitoring the client’s general health, including nutrition
  • Providing regular professional communication with clients, their family and your colleagues
  • Regularly monitoring the client’s airways which can include tracheostomy management and care
  • Regularly monitoring the client’s breathing which can include invasive or non-invasive ventilation management and care
  • Administering medication when required
  • Regularly monitoring stock
  • Supporting with any physiotherapy when required
  • Ensuring the care plan is being followed
  • Conducting regular safety checks on all equipment
  • Maintaining and updating client records
  • Conducting infection prevention and control
  • Supporting with tissue viability
  • Providing personal care and hygiene
  • Conducting elimination management
  • Moving and handling when required


What opportunities are available for support workers?  

The opportunities are endless for support workers. In your support worker role, you can progress your skill set and knowledge by developing meaningful relationships with your team, the clinical leads and most importantly, the clients.

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we have an online portal where you can book continual professional development (CPD) courses to enhance your skills and knowledge. We also have a variety of clients across England who require high-quality bespoke care meaning you can book a range of shifts and deliver care to different clients to enhance your skills and develop your support worker career. 


What can I expect from a career working as a support worker?

Working as a support worker at Pulse Nursing at Home, you can expect to work shifts tailored to your personal and work needs. You will work with a fantastic group of like-minded individuals who share your passion for delivering bespoke care and support to our adult and paediatric clients in the community. You will collaborate with your colleagues to ensure the clients' medical and wellbeing needs are being met and they can live an independent life and achieve personal goals and aspirations.

One of our night shift support workers, Cassie, has shared her experience working as a support worker at Pulse Nursing at Home and what a typical shift looks like for her. Click here to read Cassie’s story.


Support worker jobs with Pulse Nursing at Home

We’re always looking to grow our team of support workers at Pulse Nursing at Home. If you would like to join our team of healthcare professionals, then register with us using the form below, or contact our team on 0333 323 3746.

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