Pulse Nursing at Home nurse rewards and benefits

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we believe in recognising and rewarding our adult nurses and paediatric nurses with fantastic pay rates and a rewards and benefits package that is tailored to their wellbeing, professional development, and Pulse Nursing at Home nursing career.

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Our nurse rewards and benefits package

We’ve created an extensive rewards and benefits package for our nurses to ensure they have the best possible career with us, receive a range of support and, most importantly, feel part of the team. Take a look below to see what you can expect when you join Pulse Nursing at Home.


How our rewards and benefits support your career at Pulse Nursing at Home

When you join us as a Pulse Nursing at Home nurse, you can expect to receive the following benefits to support your nursing career with us.

24/7 access to our information hub, Compass

We created Compass, an online hub for our nurses to have complete access to all the information they need at any time, including helpful guides, phone lines and resources to support them through every stage of their nursing career.

£500 recommend an adult or paediatric nurse bonus

We're always looking to grow our team of nurses to deliver high-quality care to more people in the community. Our recommend-a-friend bonus enables our nurses to recommend fellow like-minded nurses and earn a cash bonus.

Travel and mileage expenses

Depending on the client you care for and their location, amongst other factors, we may offer you expenses to cover your travel and mileage. This will be confirmed once you join us as a Pulse Nursing at Home nurse.

A variety of shifts available

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we offer a variety of shifts for our nurses to give them the flexibility they need to make their nursing job work for them and their lifestyle.

An online app to help organise your shifts

Our shift management app, ipoint, helps our nurses manage their time more effectively and in a way that’s convenient for them, all on their own devices.


How our rewards and benefits support your professional development

Professional development is a key part of any nurse’s career. At Pulse Nursing at Home, we are committed to supporting your professional development with a range of benefits, which include the following.

Career development opportunities

For nurses looking to take the next step in their career and progress to a managerial style nurse role, we have opportunities to work as a clinical lead where they will oversee several packages of care and work closely with our clients, their families and healthcare professionals to ensure each of our clients’ needs remain at the centre of their care.

Continual professional development (CPD) courses

In our information hub, Compass, our nurses can access a range of online continual professional development (CPD) courses to book. Some of the courses are accredited courses with CPD points.

Upskilling training

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we offer our nurses the opportunity to be upskilled on a skill they have not practiced before. This enables them to better support our clients, grow their skillset and deliver care to more clients in the community.

Revalidation support from our experts

We have a dedicated team of qualified nurses with extensive clinical backgrounds supporting our nurses throughout their revalidation. As registrants they have the best knowledge and access to information to support our nurses to successfully revalidate.

Support maintaining your compliance

We have a dedicated Compliance Team providing support to our nurses, ensuring they maintain compliant and remain able to work. The team supports with DBS, training, occupational health and right to work.

Regular supervisions and appraisals

Our Supervisions and Appraisals Team is made up of highly skilled nurses who provide supervisions and appraisals to each of our nurses at Pulse Nursing at Home. Our supervisions and appraisals take place regularly to ensure our nurses have the opportunity to reflect and discuss their practice.


How our rewards and benefits support your wellbeing

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we believe wellbeing support is an important part of our nurses’ careers and we want to support them in prioritising their wellbeing. That’s why we’ve ensured our nurses have access to a variety of wellbeing support in their role.

24/7 operations support from our Operations Team

Our Operations Teams manage all our packages of care and can be contacted 24 hours a day. The team is the first point of call for queries and booking shifts and are there to support our nurses, no matter the time of day.

24/7 clinical support from our expert Clinical Team

As well as 24/7 operational support, our Clinical Team are also available 24 hours a day. Our Clinical Team consist of highly skilled nurses with unrivalled clinical expertise and experience. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to their role, they are best placed to support our nurses with care plans, clinical questions and risk assessments.

Confidential wellbeing calls with our Supervisions and Appraisals Team

Our Supervisions and Appraisals Team provide confidential wellbeing calls to our nurses. The calls are an opportunity for the team to provide welfare and pastoral support as well as signpost to relevant services for issues outside of professional responsibilities.

24/7 access to our Wellbeing and Support Hub

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our nurses' wellbeing, we created our Wellbeing and Support Hub, which you will gain instant access to once you join us. The Wellbeing and Support Hub is an online portal that allows our nurses to access a range of mental health, wellbeing, and general support resources and information on any device at any time. 



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