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We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Mumsnet, which is combined with our ongoing commitment in providing our healthcare professionals with flexible and suitable working schedules.


Who is Mumsnet?

Mumsnet is the largest network for parents in the UK. Their website allows users to share advice and information on topics such as parenting and flexible working. They aim to support parents who want to acquire a flexible work-life balance. 

Mumsnet is a business that is mainly funded by advertising, they are independently owned and have existed since 2000. Mumsnet has had many successes over the years, their 10th birthday was hosted by Google UK at their London headquarters in 2010. In February 2013, Justine Roberts and co owner Carrie Longton, were assessed as the 7th most powerful women in the United Kingdom by Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4.


What is flexible working and why is it important?

Flexible working allows employees to work from home, have different start and finish times and change the number of hours you work daily. By changing your working hours to suit your personal life, you can achieve a healthy work-life balance and reduce stress in your work and personal life.

Flexible working doesn’t only benefit employees, it can also benefit employers. Employers are now recognising that providing their staff with flexible shifts can boost employee morale.

Whilst flexible working is still new, the awareness around it has grown and become more accepted. Businesses are starting to understand how giving their employees flexibility can have a drastic impact on the business and the individual.

Whilst flexibility in healthcare is still new, it's now being encouraged in many private and public healthcare businesses and hospitals.  For employees, there are endless benefits of flexible working, such as:

  • Reduced commuting times

  • More control over working hours

  • Able to have parental leave

  • Attend more family commitments

  • More suitable start and finish times

  • Working from home

  • Varying number of hours worked daily

  • Have the opportunity to take part in job sharing

  • Part time work

As well as the obvious benefits, flexible working can help workers to be more productive in their daily work. When given the opportunity to be flexible in your work pattern, you are less likely to feel stressed and enjoy your day more.

Flexible working in healthcare

Flexible working can make a difference to your role, at Pulse Nursing at Home we understand our nurses have lives outside of work. We want to offer them a healthy work-life balance to enable them to work to the best of their abilities but also enjoy their time outside of work.

Nurses are always on their feet, caring for patients and helping with their medication and personal requirements. It can be difficult to find a balance, especially when you are having to travel to and from work at busy times, collecting your children from school or attending other commitments outside of work, this is where flexibility can make a difference.

If you're interested in joining our team at Pulse Nursing at Home Register with us today, and a member of our team will be in contact shortly to find you the perfect role. Or if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team, call us on  0207 959 1003.

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