Carers Week 2020: What is it and how can you get involved?

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 This week is carers week, the campaign takes place once a year and aims to raise awareness of carers across the UK and highlight the challenges carers face. It also helps people who don’t recognise themselves as a carer to identify as carers' and get access to the support they need and deserve.


What is a carer?

A carer is anyone who looks after a family member or friend due to an illness, disability, mental health problems or an addiction. Anybody can become a carer at any age, and sometimes they can be caring for more than one person at a time. A large majority of carers do not get paid for the care they provide; however, you can choose to become a paid carer as a profession.

You can become a care professional by taking a course, enrolling on an apprenticeship, volunteering, or apply directly on job posting websites and job boards. Once you start your role as a care worker you will be provided with various training such as food hygiene and health and safety.


Carers Week 2020:

This year is challenging for many due to the coronavirus pandemic. People across the UK are facing new challenges that are foreign to everyone. Many people are taking on more caring responsibilities for their family and friends who may be ill, disabled, or older and need support.

During these difficult times, wants to recognise carers' and the difficulties they are facing. The aim is to provide them with all the information and support they need.

Currently, there are 6.5 million people in the UK who are carers. According to, carers are seven times more likely to say they are lonely than the general population. This week, we need to come together and ‘make caring visible’ now more than ever. It's important to recognise the contribution carers are making to their families, friends and local communities, find out more about Carers Week at


How you can get involved

The foundation is encouraging people to raise awareness within the community, at work, and in the media. There are many ways to get involved this week, you can pledge your support for Carers Week, download the resources on their website, and follow Carers Week on Facebook and Twitter.

Let us know how you are getting involved with Carers Week in the comments below or message us on our Facebook page.

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