The ultimate interview tips for support workers

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The HireVue video interview may seem a bit scary for those who haven’t done it before, but fear not, we are here to provide you with some top tips to help you master video interviewing!

One obvious benefit of our HireVue platform is you can do it in the comfort of your own home. The best part is, if you're not happy with your interview, you can do it again. And after you’ve submitted your interview, it will only be evaluated by one person and nobody else.

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes made during the interview and how to best avoid them:

1) Not reading through the questions thoroughly

We know that HireVue is a new concept for most of our candidates, so we advise you to take your time to listen and read each question properly. Don’t rush through your interview and remember to take a break between each question so you can concentrate.

2) Not dressing appropriately

Even though this form of interview is much more relaxed, we still need you to look formal and professional. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to wear anything like a suit, just something that is comfortable and professional on camera.

3) Not ensuring the interview is set up correctly

Before you start, make sure your microphone is turned on so we can hear your answers. Complete your interview on a device you are comfortable using, whether that be your phone, laptop or tablet. If you are using a phone or tablet, maybe try to prop it up with the front camera facing you. If you aren’t comfortable seeing yourself on the screen there is an option to hide the live recording screen whilst you answer your questions.

4) Not conducting the interview in a distraction free place

Find a time where you will have at least 30 minutes free with no distractions. Make sure the room you use is quiet, and you are on your own so you can solely concentrate on your interview.

5) Not treating it like a professional interview

Even though this is not a common method of interviewing, we still need you to have a professional manner. Remember to use appropriate language, dress appropriately, and be conventional. Even if you have spoken to one of the resourcing team about your experience and skills, our evaluator has never spoken to or heard about your experience so really show off and be the best support worker you can be!

Now we’ve covered the common HireVue mistakes, it’s time to discuss our top tips for acing the interview:

1) Dress appropriately

First impressions matter, you want to be remembered after your interview. It’s important to dress formally to look professional, even though this is a video interview, we still expect our candidates to dress appropriately as if the interview were face to face.

2) Don’t rush your answers

It’s fine to take a break between each question, it gives you the chance to thoroughly think about your answers. Remember, you can always pause the interview and come back to it later.

3) Consider your environment

Before you start your interview, find a place that is both comfortable and quiet. You need to be able to concentrate so you can give your best possible answers.

4) Read the question properly

Take your time and read the question, if you need to, read it twice. One thing to remember is, if you are unhappy with your first answer you can redo it! Don’t be afraid to redo any of your answers, if you're not happy with them, take the opportunity to do it again.

5) Good lighting and visibility on screen

We want to see your face! Sometimes it can be difficult to see our candidates on screen due to poor lighting. Before your interview, find a room that has good lighting and is appropriate for you to conduct your interview.

6) Keep your answers relevant to the question

You have three minutes to answer each question, it might seem short but trust us when we say you won’t need all three minutes.

7) Make sure your device is set up correctly

Sometimes we’ve had candidates redo their interviews because we can’t hear them. It can be frustrating having to repeat everything again, so make sure you replay your answers back so that you can see and hear yourself clearly.

8) Get in touch

We are here to help! We don’t like to see our candidates struggling or panicking. Please give us a call, even if you feel like it’s a silly question you want to ask, trust us when we say we have heard it all and we just want to make the experience enjoyable for you!

9) Practice

You have the option to practice before you start your interview. We do advise practicing beforehand so you can get comfortable using the HireVue platform and familiarize yourself with its format. Doing so will certainly give you the confidence to ace your interview.

10) Prepare

Before the interview it's important to write down some notes about your day to day tasks, even if they seem small, they are all important. It’s good to make notes about your career in care and what you would do in certain scenarios. If you're struggling to prepare for your interview, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can certainly help with any questions or queries you have.

Our biggest tip is believing in yourself. You do this job day in day out, no one knows this job better than you! Remember you’ve already impressed us, and made it past the first hurdle. Nerves can sometimes get the better of you. But trust us, you are amazing and should believe in yourself and your capabilities. With these useful tips we’ve discussed, you can deliver the best possible interview.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about our HireVue interview process, or if you are interested in joining our team and working in the community with our complex care clients, please give us a call on: 0333 323 3746.

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