World Mental Health Day 2021

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Today marks World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme is ‘Mental health in an unequal world’. World Mental Health Day has been celebrated since 1992 and is an important campaign supported by organisations, charities and people worldwide.

This year’s theme

This year’s theme was chosen to highlight the large number of people living in poverty. 2020 has highlighted these inequalities amongst many others such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity and how these are impacting peoples’ mental health.

Mental health support during the pandemic

Many organisations and charities are offering support to those who need it now more than ever.

The NHS have an A-Z list of mental health conditions that signpost you to the relevant charity or organisation for support and information.

The mental health charity Mind has an information and support page with a range of support, tips and resources for mental health support during the pandemic.

The Samaritans have an information and tips page dedicated to mental health support, advice and useful resources.

When did World Mental Health Day begin?

World Mental Health Day first began in 1992 and was ran by the World Federation for Mental Health. For the first few years, World Mental Health Day was a generalised campaign that mainly focused on promoting mental health and educating people about relevant mental health issues. By 1996, World Mental Health Day was given its first theme, ‘Women and Mental Health'. Since then, each year has been given a new theme, which you can view a list of here.

What is the purpose of World Mental Health Day 2021?

The pandemic impacted peoples' mental health enormously. The requirement for mental health support and information was in high demand. This year provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and highlight how inequality can be addressed to ensure everyone can be mentally healthy and happy.

How do we support our employee’s mental health at Pulse Nursing at Home?

At Pulse Nursing at Home, we prioritise our employees’ mental health and wellbeing. To ensure they can receive the support and information they need, our workers have 24/7 access to our Wellbeing and Support Hub, an online portal tailored to their mental health and wellbeing needs. The Wellbeing and Support Hub continues to grow, and we regularly add new resources, articles and content relating to mental health and wellbeing.

We offer our workers confidential wellbeing calls with our Supervisions and Appraisals Team to provide them with welfare and pastoral support. The team can offer support and signpost our workers to the relevant services for issues outside of professional responsibilities.

We also run mental health workshops for our employees. The workshops focus on promoting emotional health and resilience in the workplace to improve staff wellbeing and productivity. They educate our employees about the different topics of mental health such as stress and anxiety and provide them with advice, tips and information.

Our employees have 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Programme, a personal support service that offers practical advice on everyday issues such as childcare questions or counselling support.


At Pulse Nursing at Home, we are always supporting events and campaigns throughout the year. To keep up to date with what we’re up to, follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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