Staff Treats - terms and conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 Registration date - The date that you are registered on the Pulse Nursing at Home database.

1.2 Current worker – Worker is deemed fit to work and registered on the Pulse Nursing at Home database as being in a current state.

1.3 Qualifying criteria - The criteria that must be met by the worker and as set out at clause 2.1

1.4 Compliant – Pulse Nursing at Home follows Recruitment and Employment Confederation Best Practice Guidelines. Under these guidelines, checks are required, prior to the worker commencing work. These include: right to work, proof of identity, DBS disclosure, occupational health and immunity, professional registration, specific training, competency interview, work history, references, professional and educational certificates. Once a workers file is in accordance with the guidelines, their file is deemed compliant and they are eligible to work.


2. Scheme

All current workers who have worked four shifts are eligible for access to a range of exclusive discounts and offers through our benefits platform via Staff Treats.

2.1 Qualifying criteria

  1. This promotion is valid only to workers working for Pulse Nursing at Home
  2. You must be a current worker and have worked four shifts for Pulse Nursing at Home to be eligible for access to the Staff Treats platform
  3. All shifts worked count as one shift towards your required shifts worked, regardless of length
  4. Workers who have access to the Pulse Nursing at Home benefits platform via Staff Treats must work a minimum of one shift in a six-month period to retain access
  5. Workers registered status on the Pulse Nursing at Home database must remain as in either a current state or changeable to current state. If the workers state subsequently becomes not current or is not able to be converted to current, the worker will therefore be automatically un-enrolled.

2.2 Compliance – To retain access to the Staff Treats platform, workers must pass the necessary checks to ensure they are compliant and eligible to work.

2.3 Shifts required -  Access to Staff Treats platform will be given once the worker has worked four shifts.

3 General terms

3.1 Pulse Nursing at Home reserves the right to refuse or remove a worker from the Staff Treats platform if:

a. the worker has not consented to their personal data being submitted to Pulse Nursing at Home
b. the worker has not met the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions
c. Pulse Nursing at Home sees fits to do so, due to any other reason or circumstance that they deem as justified

3.1 Pulse Nursing at Home reserves the right to:

a. vary the terms and conditions of this scheme at its absolute discretion; or

b. cancel or discontinue the benefits platform via Staff Treats without having to introduce a replacement scheme, offer compensation or inform workers