National Minimum Wage for Nurses

All employees must be paid at least national minimum wage for any work assignments they undertake. Pulse Nursing at Home has a procedure in place to ensure that all members of our team receive the appropriate payment for any work they do. This is a short support document to illustrate how this will work. Please use this as a guide, but if you have any questions please get in contact with our Care Coordination Team on 0207 959 1003 or

What constitutes as a ‘Work Assignment’?

  • All hours worked with our clients delivering care

  • Training (face to face and online)

  • Meet and greets

  • Team meetings

  • Supervision and Appraisals

Top Up and Pay: What do they mean?

We are legally required to ensure that all workers receive at least minimum wage for the work they do. Some work assignments are deemed to be a part of the overall job, and others are deemed to be in addition to. This distinction is crucial, as the two different calculations will be used to work out pay entitlement.

Minimum wage in Pulse Nursing at Home is always calculated in weekly blocks running from Monday – Sunday. Please refer the to table below for clarity.

Top Up – This type of assignment is deemed to be as part of the overall job. This means that we will include these hours alongside care delivery hours when calculating pay entitlement. If the total pay in that week is more than national minimum wage, there is no top up. If the total pay is less than national minimum wage, there will be a top up. Any top ups are calculated and paid a month in arrears.

Pay – This type of assignment is deemed as over and above the job. Any hours worked in this category (see detail below) will be paid hourly at NMW including your holiday entitlement which equals £9.77ph on top of any other pay. This will be calculated and paid a month in arrears.

Please see the different categories by job role below:




Meet and greet


Team meeting


Online training


Specialist training


Core skills


Supervision / appraisal


FIT test


How will you be paid?

We will log any additional hours worked on our system and will generate a report on a monthly basis. All payments will be made a month in arrears. You do not need to send in a timesheet for any of the above if there is no additional mileage claim. If there is a mileage claim to accompany the additional work, then please send this through to payroll here.

Any payments that fall under the categories listed above will show on your payslip as NMW followed by the payment amount.

What do I do if I have any queries?

If you have any questions, please get in contact with our Care Coordination Team on 0207 959 1003 or