Timesheet Guide

Watch our easy step by step video guide on how to complete your timesheet. Your Pulse Nursing at Home timesheet is unique to you, always complete your own timesheet to ensure we can process it and you’re paid on time.

For any queries relating to your timesheets and travel and expense forms, please email: pnahpayroll@pulsejobs.com.

Payroll information

Timesheets received by 9.30am each day will be payrolled on that day providing they’re for shifts up to and including the previous Sunday and there are no queries on the timesheet.

National Minimum Wage information

For any information on National Minimum Wage for nurses, please click the button below.

National Minimum Wage for nurses

For any information on National Minimum Wage for support workers and healthcare assistants, please click the button below.

National Minimum Wage for support workers and HCAs

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

To claim SSP please send your sick notes to pnahpayroll@pulsejobs.com.

Pension Scheme

Our current pensions provider is The Peoples Pension. You will be automatically opted in after 3 months of working with us due to government legislation. The Peoples Pension will contact you directly with a welcome pack via email, which contains your new joiner information. This will allow you to create an account.

Should you wish to opt out of this pension scheme, you can do so through your account. As long as you opt out of the pension scheme within four weeks of the first payment being deducted, you will receive a refund of any deductions that have been made.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Peoples Pension directly on 0300 2000 444. 

Timesheet FAQs

How is my timesheet sent to me?

Your timesheet is sent to you electronically and is unique to you.

What do I use to fill in my timesheet?

You will need to use black ink and write in capitals when filling in your timesheet to ensure legibility.

Can I use Tipp-Ex/correction fluid on my timesheet if I make a mistake?

You must not use any form of correction fluid on your timesheet.

When do I need to complete my timesheet?

One timesheet needs to be completed per week (Monday to Sunday).

If I work with different clients, do I need to complete more than one timesheet?

If you are working with more than one client, you should complete a new timesheet for each client.

How do I send my timesheet?

Your timesheet will need to be scanned, uploaded to your device (phone, computer or tablet) and sent to us via email as a black and white PDF. You can scan your timesheet using a free app called CamScanner which can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you are sending travel receipts, these must be attached as an additional document to your email.

How large can the file size of my timesheet be?

Your timesheet must be no bigger than 2MB.

I haven’t received a confirmation email since I sent my timesheet

If you do not receive an automated confirmation email when you send your timesheet, it has not been received.

Why has my timesheet been rejected?

If your timesheet has been rejected, you will need to check the following:

  • You have stated the four-letter client code or, where it has been requested, the client reference number in the ‘Client Ref No’ box
  • You have put the correct date next to the correct day
  • Your start and finish times are correct, and you have informed the care coordination team if there were any changes to your shift
  • Your full timesheet must be shown in landscape orientation. It must be clear to read and submitted in a black and white PDF document. (Make sure the flash is off if you are using a phone or camera)
  • Any notes in the notes box refer only to training, cancellation or a travel claim.

What do I do if I’m cancelling a shift?

If you are claiming a cancelled shift, please complete the client reference number, date and shift time on your timesheet. Please leave the mileage/travel section blank if you did not make your way to the shift. In the notes box, please provide a brief statement to say the shift was cancelled and why.

Do I need a client signature?

Signatures from clients/relatives must always be attempted. If no one can sign your timesheet, please write ‘unable to sign’ in the ‘Authorised Client Signature' box. If you are working with a client who stipulates the timesheet must be signed, you will need to take it back on your next shift to get it signed.