Policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures set out our expectations as a business which you are required to follow. They guide our day-to-day activities, help promote consistency in practices, reduce mistakes and ensure our clients are kept safe in their own homes and communities. Our policies and procedures fall into the following categories: clinical and care, clinical standards of practice, general policies, incidents and complaints, safeguarding, and information standards and data protection policies.

Clinical & Care Policies 

Clinical Standards of Practice 

General Policies

Incidents and Complaints Policies

Information Standards and Data Protection Policies

Safeguarding Policies

Clinical & Care Policies 

Activities of Daily Living Policy 
Admission and Discharge Policy
Assisted Ventilation Policy
Controlling Scalding Risks From Bathing and Showering Policy
Clinical Competency Policy
Consumable Policy
General Care Policy 
Urinary Catheterisation Policy 
Management of TPN Policy
Nurse Supervision, Appraisal and Revalidation Policy 
Personal Care Policy 
Resuscitation using CPR Beds in the Community 
Safe Use of Bed Rails Policy 
Transporting a Service User 

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Clinical Standards of Practice

Administering Enemas (Adults & Children)
Administering Suppositories (Adult and Children)
Antegrade Continence Enema (Adults and Children)
Digital Stimulation
Manual Evacuation of Faeces (Adults)
Peristeen Bowel Care
Urethral Catheterisation
Suprapubic Re-Catheterisation (Male & Female)
Guidance for Care of Clients Catheterised for Retention of Urine
Catheter Management for Urinary Catheters that Block, Bypass or are Expelled with Balloon Intact
Intermittent Self Catheterisation
Urinary Catheter Removal
Urinary Catheter Bag Emptying
Bladder Washout
Collection of a Catheter Specimen of Urine
Penile Sheath Application and Changing
Attaching and Detaching Night Drainage Bag
Mitrofanoff Management
Gaining Consent and Decline of Consent
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Chaperoning Service Users
Seizure Management
Stoma Care
Eye Care
Mouth Care
Death of a Client Care After Death
Pressure Area Care 
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Vagal Nerve Stimulator 
Vital Signs and Observations
Controlled Drugs
Oral Administration
Rectal Administation
Subcutaneous Administration of Medicines 
Administration via Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy (PEG, PEJ and JEJ)
Intramuscular Injection (IM) (Adult and Child)
Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Administration
Administration via Central Line (Hickman, PIC, Porta Cath)
Removal of Medication from a Client's Home
Vaginal Administration 
Topical & Transdermal Application of Medicines
Administering Ear Drops 
Administration of Eye Drops or Ointment 
Buccal and Sublingual Administration of Medicines 
Administration of Medicines via Metered Dose Inhalers (Adult and Child) 
Administration of EpiPen, Anapen and Emerade (Epinephrine  Adrenaline Auto-Injectors) 
Self Administration of Medications 
Oxygen Therapy (Adult and Child) 
Administration of Medication via Nasogastric Tube
Jejunostomy and Gastrostomy Care
Enteral Feeding (Adult and Child) 
Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy Feeding (Adult and Child) 

Nasogastric (NG) Feeding (Adult & Child) 
Connection to Central Line 
Disconnection from Central Line 
Central Line Dressing Change
Heplock of Central Line
Changing the Bionector 
Tracheostomy Dressing Change (Adult & Child)
Tracheostomy Care - General Guidelines
Humidification of a Client's Tracheostomy  
Tracheostomy Suctioning (Adult & Child)
Tracheostomy Tube Care (Adult)
Tracheostomy Tube Change (Adult)
Tracheostomy Tube Change (Child) 
Administration of a Nebuliser through a Ventilator Circuit
Assembling a Ventilator Circuit (for Wet & Dry Circuit) 
Cleaning the Ventilator Equipment (Mask and Ventilator Circuits) 
Safe Management of a Ventilated Client During Outings
Safe Management of a Ventilated Client During a Power Failure
Safe use of Battery Packs
Assisted Airway Maintenance and Cough (Adult)
Bi-Level Ventilation (BiPAP)
Oral and Nasal Suctioning
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Mechanical Cough Assist (Adult & Child)
Changing Tracheostomy Tapes (Child)
Changing Tracheostomy Cotton Ties (Child)
Phrenic Nerve Pacing 
Laryngectomy Care General Guidelines
Emergency Tracheostomy Tube Change (Adult)
Emergency Tracheostomy Tube Change (Child)
Nasopharyngeal Airway Management (Adult & Child)
Nebuliser Therapy
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General Policies

Caldicott Action Plan Policy


Corporate Responsibility Policy

Counter Fraud Policy

Duty of Candour Policy

Employment of Ex-Offenders Policy

Environmental Policy

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Management of CCTV in Client's Homes Policy

Policy on Policies

Risk Management Strategy Policy

Social Media Policy

Violence and Aggression in the Workplace

Incidents and Complaints Policies

Complaints Policy

Incident Reporting NI

Incident Reporting Policy Scotland

Incidents Reporting Policy

Information Standards and Data Protection Policies

Access Information Standard Policy

Communication Policy

Data Breach Policy

Data Protection Policy

Subject Access Request Form

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding and Protecting Adults at Risk Policy

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy Scotland